10 Tips to be Happy

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Below are 10 tips that could help you be happier in life and it resonates quite well with what I believe as well.

So, sit back, relax, sip a cup of coffee and start reading.

1) Let go of the past
The past does not equal the future. Why let the past burden your present and future life?
Only when you learn to forgive and let go, then will you be living your life in the present, free of any past encumbrance and burden. Live and breathe the present while creating your future that you want and deserve.

2) Be YOU
Be whoever you want to be, be yourself.
Life is too short tolive your life based on other people's expectation and how they want you to be. In doing so, you lose yourself in the process. Live life in your own terms and be the real you.

3) Think positively
In every situation, there will be a bad and a good side to it. Focus on the good and learn from the experience. Think positively and progress from there.
More on this topic at this post – http://growthexcellence.com/blog/stay-positive/

4) Everything happens for a reason
Things/episodes/situations/disaster happen to let you learn and grow. You may not know why it is happening at that instance, but as time passes and further down the road, you may be able to connect the dots and realize the reason for why it happened.
When the reason reveals itself, it may blow you away.

5) Change
Nothing is constant but change.
Keep learning, keep growing, improve and change for the better to be the best person you want to be.

6) Look after the pennies and the dollar will take care of itself
Look after, take care of the small things and the big things will fall in place as a result.

“It is the many small steps instead of one giant step that help you reach your goal and destination.”
– Lim Jium Yeh

7) Build relationships

No man is an island.
Maintain kinship, form relationships & friendships. See the good with people, share your life with them and tell them your secrets. Build relationships and network.
This blog is also helping me achieve this, and I would appreciate your comments, feedback and how my posts have helped you. It would definitely spur me on to share and help.

8) Live your life with purpose

Make it a point to set goals, take action and achieve it. The feeling of acomplishment is empowering. You are here for a purpose, no matter how big or small it may be, so take action and live up to it.
You can read another post written on taking action – http://growthexcellence.com/blog/take-action/

9) Take responsibility

Things happen because of your action or inaction. Don't blame your mistakes on others, don't blame others when things don't go as planned. Accept that it happened, take responsibility, learn from it, improve yourself and you will be much better equiped to meet future challenges.

10) SMILE 🙂

Smiling releases endorphins that make you feel better instantly. You'll feel happier.
The next time you feel down, open and stretch your mouth, grin from ear to ear and it would be challenging to remain down. Somehow, you will feel happier and be happy for no particular reason. Do it and you will believe it. So keep smiling, keep shining.










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