Archives for September 2013

Seeds of influence

  You influence those around you. Think well about the seeds you are planting as you influence the people around you every day. You can plant seeds of impatience, fear, and frustration, or of love, contentment, and faith. It's up to you! You can choose to plant seeds of positivity, love and happiness. See [...]

Everything happens for a reason

  EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON PEOPLE CHANGE so you can learn to let go THINGS GO WRONG so you can appreciate when they are right GOOD THINGS fall apart so BETTER THINGS can fall together [...]

This too shall pass

  Today, allow me to share something with you and do feel free to share your views... some struggle is inevitable. No one is promised a life which is free from pain, sorrow or grief. It does not mean that anyone walks through these things alone. The truth is these do exist in our lives though it may be [...]