Archives for October 2013

How to Raise Your Self Confidence

  Do you want to raise your self confidence? Do you want to know some practical confidence tips that work? Most people think that their self esteem will remain the same level, as if there is no way to raise that self esteem once they have it. Thankfully though, that is not the case – in fact, there are [...]

Accept Your Sufferings

    Have you gone through suffering before? Are you going through some suffering now? Nobody likes sufferings. Having said that, suffering is just as important as well-being. Just as a tree accepts all seasons, accept your suffering with grace. Good days, like sunshine, will help you bloom and [...]

Finding Meaning

  You can find meaning in the storm. At times everyone goes through trials and tribulations. Seek out someone else in a similar situation and give them an encouragement or just a hug. Find meaning in the midst of your struggles by helping another in similar straits. In doing so, you understand that you [...]