Archives for October 2013

What do you live for?

What are we living for? What do you live for? The video that I'm sharing below may be a simple story. Their dream and what they live for, is also a simple one. Yet it is the circumstances which they were in, and the action taken to go for their dream, that is truly inspiring. Watch it to experience it now. You [...]

Let Loose

  When was the last time you were truly free and did a spontaneous activity? It could have been a while since you've done something completely spontaneous. Remember, you can let loose! Today, do something fun and silly. Dance in the rain. Open a play-dough bakery. Have a dress-up party. Go for a jog or [...]

Forgive yourself

  How long must you carry the burdens of your mistakes? You are not meant to live every moment with regret. You need to forgive yourself, for the past is already past. Learn from your past, let it go and carry on with your head held high. Our eyes are positioned to look forward, while we have the freedom [...]