Archives for April 2015

The Doctor

This is a touching story from the internet, shared by one of our supportive readers.A doctor entered the hospital in hurry after being called in for an urgent surgery. He answered the call asap, changed his clothes & went directly to the surgery block.He found the boy’s father pacing in the hall waiting [...]

A Way of Love

There was once this guy who is very much in love with his girl. This romantic guy folded 1,000 pieces of paper-cranes as a gift to his girl. Although, at that time he was just a small fry in his company, his future doesn't seemed too bright, they were very happy together. Until one day, his girl told him she was [...]


This is another interesting story from the internet that I would like to share with you.When the great Sufi mystic, Hasan, was dying, somebody asked "Hasan, who was your master?"He said, "I had thousands of masters. If I just relate their names it will take months, years and it is too late. But three masters [...]

Slow Down

Hi, below is another story from the web that I would like to share with you.About ten years ago, a young and very successful executive named Josh was traveling down a Chicago neighbourhood street. He was going a bit too fast in his sleek, black, 12 cylinders Jaguar XKE, which was only two months old. He was watching [...]