Last Wishes

This story is found in many sites in the internet and I would like to share with you for the message behind it. Alexander, after conquering many kingdoms, was returning home. On the way, he fell ill and it took him to his death bed. With death staring him in his face, Alexander realized how his conquests, his [...]

The King’s Highway

Here is another story from the internet to share you you. Enjoy it! Once upon a time, a king had a great highway built for the people who lived in his kingdom. After it was completed, but before it was opened to the public, the king decided to have a contest. He invited as many of his subjects as desired to participate. [...]

Small Action, Big Difference

This is another story from the internet that I would like to share with you. There was a man taking a morning walk at the beach. He saw that along with the morning tide came hundreds of starfish and when the tide receded, they were left behind and with the morning sun they would die. The tide was fresh and the [...]