Have Faith


You need to have faith.

No matter how deep the abyss or how powerful the storms you face,
everything can change for the better in a day, a moment or an instant.
Hold on and know that your current circumstances will pass.

Oh how true the above paragraph is, and how apt the timing of this post,
considering that I started writing this post before
the servers went down at my web host, then I continued and finish it
after the website was back to normal.

On 15 Jan 2014, all my websites, including this website that you are reading,
were not accessible because there were issues with the web host's servers.
Realizing this, I sent out an email to all my subscribers, informing them
about this issue that they are unable to access my web sites
and url links are not working.

Below is the actual email that I sent.
Dear (name),

Please be informed that my web host is having problems.
Thus, now, all my websites are down and
all links in emails are not working.

Lets give them some time to get it working again.

For those who want to read my posts at
GrowthExcellence.com but are unable to,
or if you click a link and the page does not appear,
it means the server is down.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.

It is also a time to recognize that things do happen,
when least expected.
The important thing is to stay calm,
learn from the episode,
and ride it out.
This too shall pass.

At the same time, treasure what we have
and do not take things for granted.

Have you told your loved ones that you love them,
today, now?
It takes just a moment to decide and do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

To Your Best Life,
Lim Jium Yeh


The email was sent out because many ofย  my subscribers
would visit this site to read the posts from time to time,
for leisure, opinion, knowledge or inspiration.
Thus, communication with my subscribers is important
when such incidents happen.

On 16 Jan 2014, the website was still down, so another email was sent
to update my subscribers, and also to thank them for their patience and
being with me all this while.
In fact, they were also offered a surprise free gift in that email. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can claim it here now if you have not yet done so.

This is because I really appreciate them for their loyal support
and being together in the 101 Magic Seeds community.
We are more like friends in this big community.

Well, have faith and true enough, the websites were up roughly 6 hours
after I sent the second email.
That is great news and I decided to share about the episode in this post,
to remind myself to have faith and that things will eventually turn out well,
which is exactly what the first paragraph is saying!

Remember, this too shall pass.

At the same time, treasure what we have
and do not take things for granted.
So now, go and tell your loved ones that you love them. ๐Ÿ™‚

To your BEST life!

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