How to Raise Your Self Confidence


Do you want to raise your self confidence?
Do you want to know some practical confidence tips that work?

Most people think that their self esteem will remain the same level, as if there is no way to raise that self esteem once they have it. Thankfully though, that is not the case – in fact, there are practical ways that you can feel better about yourself and boost your self confidence easily.

Always Set Goals
If there is something that you want to accomplish, write it down.
Then you can break that goal into smaller goals and reward yourself when you complete it. For instance, if you are extremely shy, you could make it a goal to talk to five new people every week and at the end of the week if you meet that goal you can reward yourself with a new outfit or a good dinner.
You can also write down your short term and long term goals for your life. After all, there is nothing that will help to boost your confidence better than achieving something that you have been wanting to achieve.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
We are all different and that is okay. What isn't okay is when we start to feel bad about ourselves because we are not like someone else. Instead of aiming to be better than they are, aim to be better than you are.
It’s funny because we teach our kids to “be yourself!” but somehow we seem to forget that as adults. Have you ever had a child who was disappointed because they got a bad grade on a report card when their friend got a good grade in the same class? What do you tell them? You don't say ‘well, you should be more like that kid', instead you say , ‘you got a C in this class last semester and you got a B this semester, you should be really proud of yourself'.
As long as you are improving yourself, that is all that matters.

Change Your Self Talk
It might seem a little silly but the way that we talk to ourselves really affects the way that we see ourselves. For instance if you tell yourself that you will never understand math then odds are you will indeed reach a point where you will hate math. Even if someone gives you something that should be easy your mind simply won't let you understand it. Why? Because you have told yourself that you cannot do it.
And this works with everything we say about ourselves, whether it is about our appearance, our personality, or even our finances.

Learn to praise yourself every day
Even if you don't think you are good looking, start telling yourself every day that you are good looking. It may take a few weeks of speaking positively to yourself before you start to raise your self esteem, but it does work.
When you make these simple changes in your life, you will start to raise your self esteem and realize just how valuable you truly are. But the most important thing about being kind to yourself is that it allows you to feel comfortable doing new things, taking up new challenges and it helps you to figure out who you truly are.

So, start feeling confident and keep raising your self confidence and self esteem everyday.
Live your best life!

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