National Achievers Congress 2013 Day 2 – Part 1

Jerome Tan

Jerome was given away as a child because his family was too big and too poor to take care of him. He went through life like everyone else, went to school, worked as an employee, got into debts buying car, holidays, got married, have kids,etc; and finally got into a business and lost everything. He became a bankrupt in 1999, started to learn from successful gurus, applied what he learnt and became financially free in 2002. Jerome became a millionaire in 2006, multi-millionaire in 2009. He currently owns 18 businesses and 88 properties in different countries.

Jerome brought his book “Living on wealthfare” and gave the audience a copy each and encouraged them to donate on their own free will for the book. He even agreed to match the donation on a dollar to dollar basis, subject to a maximum of S$10,000. Bravo!












Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe                                                     Matthew Snedden

Rohan and Matthew are property investors and trainers.  They teach others how to build up a property portfolio, with focus on UK properties. Their sharings were informative and entertaining.

Cayden Chang

Sean Seah and Cayden Chang have been featured in the Straits Times, News Radio 93.8, and business investment magazines. Sean is the best selling author of “Winning the Money Game” and “Gone Fishing with Buffett.” Cayden is a cancer survivor and took himself from broke to a millionaire. Their investment strategy is value investing. They also teach value investing to others while using options to enhance the returns .

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