Power Of Attitude


Psychologists have always told us that attitudes can influence
results. Two scientists decided to conduct an experiment to find out if
attitudes could affect seeds.

Two identical cans were taken. Into each was poured soil and
fertilizer of same quality and quantity, and 23 seeds were dropped
into each can. They were both placed in a greenhouse so that they
could have the same conditions of weather and temperature.

There was only one variable in the experiment, all other things
being the same. Everyday, the two scientists came to the
greenhouse, and standing before the first can, poured into it all the
negativism of which they were capable.

They said to the seeds, “You are good for nothing. Nothing is
ever going to come out of you, and even if something comes out, it is
not going to last,” and so on and so forth.

Then they came and stood in front of the second can and poured
into it all the positivism of which they were capable.
“You are so wonderful,” they said to the seeds, “and you are going to
show wonderful results. It will be a sight to see what is coming out of
you,” and so on and so forth.

This was repeated thrice a day for three weeks.

At the end of three weeks, the scientists found that while there came
forth only two or three shoots of grass, out of the first can, out of the
second can, there came forth whole strands of grass, so strong that
they could clutch it and lift up the entire can with its soil and fertiliser.

If this is what attitude can do to seeds, what can it not do to you and me,
and especially tender children?

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4 responses to “Power Of Attitude”

  1. Karen says:

    Well Hello Mr Jimmy,
    I wish to Thank You very much! The sharing of Your words and experiences brought my Heart Joy at it’s POSITIVE simplicity! May My Joy Be Transferred to ALL I SHARE YOUR WORDS WITH.

    • Jim says:

      Dear Karen,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      I am glad you enjoyed the 101 Magic Seeds ebook, emails and my articles on this website.
      We can all be positive and lets spread positivity to the world.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Krysta says:

    Both times I was pregnant with my sons, I would spend a lot of time each day, rubbing my tummy & telling them how much I loved them, how excited I & honored I was to be their mother, that they were amazing, gorgeous, highly intelligent, very smart, wonderful, incredible, special, unique, precious, & could do & become absolutely anything in this life! I didn’t know how powerful this was at the time. I just knew I’d never heard them from anyone but my husband & thought them myself. I did become that way for a while when in a very positive environment, but was unable to sustain the change under constant attack outside that environment. I was determined my children would hear those words from me as soon as possible, &as often as possible! My sons are amazing! It’s nice to see scientists backing me up with their experiments! 👍 😁

    • Jimmy says:

      Hi Krysta,

      I’m glad you shared your experience and thoughts.

      You did it anyway, with good intentions for your sons.
      Now, it is validated that what you did is correct all this while.
      It conveys the message – trust your feelings, have positive intention, all will be well!

      You are an amazing parent, a blessing, to your wonderful sons! 🙂

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