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I attended a property investment workshop on 25th May 2013. Before I write further, I wish to clarify that I paid for the workshop in full and I am un-related to the workshop company or speaker. The purpose of this review is to share my personal experience and learnings with my readers.

The workshop is titled “Choose to invest safely and profitably in the property market” conducted by Gerald Tay from CREI Academy.
Gerald was very candid right from the start and told us that he did not have any further course or property to up-sell to us. He then proceeded to share with us on the property market, the process he went through to make his property investment, market views, lessons learnt etc.
He personally subscribes to the following.

Choose to Invest Safely – The 18 Irrefutable Laws of Property Investment
Law No. 1: The Law of Capital Preservation
Law No. 2: The Law of Money
Law No. 3: The Law of Wealth
Law No. 4: The Law of Picture
Law No. 5: The Law of Extra Ordinary Growth
Law No. 6: The Law of Simplicity
Law No. 7: The Law of Value Buying
Law No. 8: The Law of Competence
Law No. 9: The Law of Control
Law No. 10: The Law of Time
Law No. 11: The Law of 3Rs – Risks, Reward, Rebellion
Law No. 12: The Law of Size
Law No. 13: The Law of Cash-Flow
Law No. 14: The Law of Process
Law No. 15: The Law of Inactivity
Law No. 16: The Law of Inner Circle
Law No. 17: The Law of Leverage
Law No. 18: The Law of Common Sense

We also did a case study, group discussions and presentation.

Overall, I would say that the workshop was worth attending as I learnt how Gerald, a true blue property investor, does his property investment. The method of property evaluation that he shared was not covered in other workshops that I had attended previously. It certainly provides food for thought and I have always picked up new knowledge whenever I attend courses or workshops. The case study gave us an actual investment that could let us relate to what was being taught. The knowledge could help us evaluate both local and overseas properties, though he stressed that it is important for us to be familiar with the area's property market or to have very good partners who know the area well.

Personally, I feel that Gerald is quite a sincere person in sharing his property investment knowledge and his workshop fee is reasonable compared to industry standards. My main feedback is that I feel one day is insufficient for him to share all his knowledge and he was unable to cover all of it though in fairness, I believe he gave what he could in the limited time available.

Thank you Gerald.

Gerald and me after the workshop

My personal view to you, the reader out there, is if you are looking to invest in Singapore's residential properties, do tread with caution. We all know that generally the upside is reduced and the risk has increased greatly compared to a couple of years back. Take note of where the property cycle is right now and strategise accordingly. Go for positive cashflow, know what is your reason for investing in the property and do the sums right with proper evaluation of the property.
Be safe and profitable.

If you are interested in the above course, you can find more information here : (non-affiliate, no commission, just paying it forward.)

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