Special Olympics


Here is another story from the internet that I would like to share with you.

The incident took place a few years ago at the Seattle Special
Olympics. The Special Olympics is a competition, which is open to
mentally or physically challenged children. In this competition,
youngsters, each with some form of disability, compete against each
other. Everyone was tense. The race was getting ready to start. Nine
children, all physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the starting
line for the 100-yard dash.

As the starter fired the shot that started the race, all the children in the
race started to run. Well, not exactly in a dash like other children
might have started to run. They all started with a relish and
determination to run the race to the finish and win. They wanted so
much to be like other children. Their proud parents sat in the stands.

All the youngsters started out in that race except one little fellow who
was so determined to win that he accidentally slipped and stumbled
on the asphalt. Because he had built up such a tremendous thrust, he
tumbled over and over and rolled uncontrollably on the ground. When
he finally came to a halt, he began to cry.

The other eight children in the competition, who were well ahead of
the one who fell, heard the boy cry. They looked back, and when they
saw what had happened, they not only slowed down, they began to
walk back to the child who had fallen.

One little girl with Down's syndrome, who was slightly older than the
others, ran over to the youngster who had fallen and she held his
bruised knee. She bent over and kissed the knee, adding, “This will
make it all better.” The others helped him up. Then all nine linked
arms and walked together to the finish line.

Everyone in the stadium stood up! The cheering went on for several
minutes as tears filled the eyes of those who saw the incident.

People who were in the stands are still telling the story. Why?
Because deep down every one of us knows that what really
matters in this life is more than simply winning for ourselves…

What about you?
What are your thoughts about this story and what really matters to you?

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2 responses to “Special Olympics”

  1. Dear jim,
    Firstly i would like to say, that the true life event that happened during teh olympics,
    just goes to show how caring and helpful those children and people with such disabilties,
    Stand tall in face off adversity and the challenges they face on a daily basis, i myself being
    an aquarian star sign am very much in tune with all aspects off life, im studying for a
    diploma in social studies, ive completed 4 off 9 lectures and have 5 to complete within
    the time frame of 1 and half yrs, and though that all seems great and all, ive not touched it in 2yrs, as ive been in a place off darkness and isolation, stuck in a trap off addiction to illict substances, and i want to stop, as ive already had 1 yr off councilling and it worked for awhile, i relapsed and started using it again, and my mother and father know when ive used as i hibernate for 3 days in a jock in bed, i also believe ive been protected by my gaurdian angels throughout my life, i am a trully blessed man, after what ive experienced in life, but through it all i survived, and believe me ive seen my angels in hospital at the age off 17 with a burst appendix, i survived, after the posion circulated through my blood, i was in a coma for 2 weeks when i woke up. you would think id off taken a different path,
    thatn partying and have the buzz during the 90’s raving away. everything i am is nearly contained in an asumption within me, afraid off expressing to others in fear off being judged by them, through jealousy or resentment to the person i know i want to become, so after the quite open account off my situation, the story i just read has made me realize that my inability to change my life around because off subconcious addictions, thaf just cant say no when the shits there, that story got to me, and its inspired me to make changes, to start loving who i am instead off wollowing in self pitty, so once i become in the right frame off mind, im going to focus on what i desire to accomplish, that is get my diploma in social studies- scienceology and gain my goals in the not to distant future, out off the darkness and into the light and love life. thank you for sharing that compassionate story.
    king regards
    michael patrick matthew white

  2. Shakir says:

    Actually what matters is not the competition, not the race, not the winning, it is only the compassion and love towards each other. Love is an attribute of God Almighty. Share this blessing with all.

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