Stay Positive

Have you ever gone through a phase in life when you felt so confused or helpless or sad or feelings that you did not like. When you managed to come out of that state and face life fully, somehow things seemed to turn for the better. You may even feel as though a greater part of yourself is coming in to strengthen and enlarge yourself.

At that point in time, we may not understand why it happened and what is the best way of handling the personal crises of life. Yet, some time down the road, looking back at what happened and transpired, you may be able to connect the dots and come to some realization and enlightenment.

Experts say that our personal crises tend to happen at certain times in life. There may be the courtship heartbreaks that tend to happen in the teens and 20s. At around age 30 or so, there are the problems of finding success in our careers. In our 40s comes the usual crisis of the soul. “Am I doing what I am really meant to do with my life?”.
To add to that, illness, accidents, breakups or losing a loved one can happen anytime and these can make a big impact on our life.

So, what do you do when you face life's crises and challenges? There are some who choose to view and react to it negatively; “S**t, why is this happening to me?”, “life is so unfair”, “what have I done to deserve this?”, “it's the end for me”, “there is no hope anymore”, “there is nothing to look forward to in life…”, “I'm a failure”.

There are also some, maybe you, who would think this way: ” I don't know why this is happening, though I'm sure things happen for a reason and something great is going to come out of this. I don't know what yet, but something great, incredible and positive will come out of it and I'll make sure of that. I will come out of it stronger, better and wiser, no way will I go through this for nothing!”

This was what I told myself and believed in whenever I face challenges or hit a rough patch. If you are going through some challenges in life right now, remember that what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. Most importantly, “This too shall pass”.

When Steve Jobs dropped out of school, little did he know what to expect of the life ahead. Many years later, when he looked back, he could connect the dots and realised it all happened for a reason. It resulted in him taking up calligraphy and appreciating the beauty of fonts, laying the foundation for his future ventures, Apple and Pixar.

If you had been with me on 2nd Jan 2003, Thursday, you would have witnessed something that changed my life, on that very day. The feelings that ran through me on that fateful day, was something that I could not describe. Even the food vendor at the coffee shop that I frequented also commented: “that's bad and unlucky” when he knew of my plight.

At that point in time, I was doing quite well as an ordinary guy. I was happily married, with a young, one and a half years old baby. I had a apartment unit, a champagne colour Japanese car and a well paying job in a MNC where I got promoted recently. Things seem to be quite good then and little did we expect what was to come.

You probably are guessing at this moment what happened to me or may even be impatient to know what actually happened.
To put it simply, I was retrenched or laid-off.

It was the period when SARs hit Asia and retrenchment was on the rise.

Imagine the confusion and feelings you would have when you are suddenly out of job, without an income to pay for your daily expenses, baby expenses, house, car etc.

“Why am I one of the few who are retrenched when I am performing well and tasked to start a new business unit?”. “Why is this happening to me?”. Those were the initial questions I asked.

Then the questions became “What can I do going forward?”, “How can I make the best use of the current situation?”, “what else can I do?”.
I believe you would have noticed the difference in the questions and how it will guide the brain and actions that follow. The ability to keep your hopes up and have a positive view on things are especially useful in such situations. So what did I do then?

I took up a full commission sales role, with no basic salary, and went for training. I was doing sales before that and it was an interesting move to learn more about other industries and products. At the same time, I told myself that I would get another job with regular pay within 2 months, which was quite ambitious as the economic climate then was still quite bad. I had not considered going into business then as I was not ready and probably the time was not right as well. It is all a question of priorities at that time.

Anyway, I missed my 2 months target and joined a Japanese MNC on 1st Apr 2003, which was exactly 3 months after I was retrenched. It was all due to perseverance and the strong belief that better things are coming my way that resulted in achieving my goal.

I also managed to do a small investment during that period which turned out reasonably profitable a few years later. Sometimes, this is life's way of testing and growing you in the process.

So, my friend, remember to stay positive at all times, ask the right questions during challenging times and you will benefit from it in the future when you connect the dots. Things happen for a reason.

It is my sincere wish that my sharing provides some hope and inspiration to you.
Do send me a note if the above has helped or inspired you in any way.

I'm grateful that you have spent some time to read my articles and it also means that you are willing to learn, improve, grow and invest in yourself.

Stay positive!

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