The Freezer


The below story has made rounds in the Internet like wildfire, with different but similar versions.
Thus sharing it here, for you to enjoy and perhaps it may speak to your inner thoughts and evoke certain thoughts?

A woman works in a meat distribution centre as a high-ranking supervisor.
One day, before knocking off, she decided to check out the meat in the freezer.
After going through a few of them, she entered a freezer and to her horror,
the door closed and she was locked from the outside.

She tried screaming for help but no one came to her rescue as the structure of the freezer is made in a way that sounds cannot travel beyond the freezer.
It would be 12 hours later before anyone opens the freezer—and by then,
she would have frozen to death.

Seeing that she could do nothing, she resigned to her fate, trying to keep alive as long as possible.
She knew that within three to five hours, she would be dead, and that in the next
three to five hours, no one would be in the factory.

Just as she was about to slip into unconsciousness, the door opened.
It was a security guard.
She ran out immediately, and realized that she was just seconds from dying.

After she has regained her composure, she asked the guard why he had been there.
After all, they were just needed to walk around the factory and not open freezers
—there were like hundreds of freezers around!

The guard smiled and said this to her: “I’ve been working here for very long,
and every morning and evening, people come and go without greeting me.
Some even scolded me for opening the gates too slowly. But I remember you,
because every morning, you say, ‘Good morning’ to me, and when you’re leaving,
you’ll say, ‘Goodbye, see you tomorrow!’”

“So today, when I didn’t see you leaving, I got worried because you had greeted me in the morning.
I thought something might have happened to you, but I wasn’t sure,
so I just opened each freezer, in case you’re trapped. It turned out that you’re really trapped.”

Most people would say that the moral of the story is that one should be humble and respect others.
At the same time, it also conveys the message that every individual has their value and strength, and can contribute to society, no matter how big or small their perceived role in life.

Is this a timely reminder to respect and value others for who they are?

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  1. Stella Toh says:

    Absolutely important and that being respectful does not costs anything and in fact pays back to you many folds and being grateful for all your daily blessings are all gifts to us and when given back we receive back always

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