The Gift of Love

Gift of Love

Dear readers,
Below is a story to share with you.
Read it with your heart.
See it, hear it and feel the story to appreciate it.

A Physician was once summoned to attend to an unusual case.
He found a pale, sad, seventeen-year-old, reclining on a sofa,
in an ornate room adorned with rich, silk tapestries.
Her eyes were half-closed, her head was bowed,
and she was pale like a marble statue.

Several other doctors had been called to examine her and,
unable to diagnose her condition, had concluded
that her problem was psychosomatic.

With just a glance, this doctor realized what was wrong with her.
She languished in her gilded cage, a self-absorbed prisoner,
for she did not know what it was to go out and
give happiness to those in need.

The doctor asked her to get ready to go out with him.
“With you; Where?” asked the girl.
In an undertone, the doctor said to her, “That is a secret.
I can only tell you that it is for your own good.”

The girl got ready and the doctor took her to a quarter where poor
people lived. They carried with them many gifts in cash and kind.
At the first house which they visited,
the doctor had to help her to keep her balance, as she walked.
At the second, she went ahead of the doctor.
At the third, she almost ran.
When the children kissed her hand and
the poor women thanked her, she cried with joy.
The outing seemed too short to her.

From then onwards, everyday she searched for those whom she could make happy.
She was restored to good health; she found the joy and happiness,
which did not dwell in her palatial home but in the broken cottages of
the poor to whom she gave the love of her generous heart.
The happiness we give to others comes back to us.

The gift of love that we give out, has to first exist and come from our heart.
The gifts we give out, have to first go through our hands.
The kind words we say, have to first come out from our mouth.
The positive and good actions we take, have to first come from our self.
It is indeed blessed to be able to give because you already possess them before gifting them.

Thank you for reading my article posts.
Here are some gifts for you.
May you be happy and live your best life!

Gift of Love

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