The Trench


Dear reader, below is an interesting story I found and would like to share with you.

An elderly couple retired to the countryside to a small isolated cottage
overlooking some rugged and rocky heathland.

One early morning, the woman saw from her window a young man
dressed in working clothes walking on the heath about a hundred yards away.
He was carrying a spade and a small case and he disappeared from view behind a copse of trees.

The woman thought no more about it but around the same time the next day
she saw the man again, carrying his spade and a small case, and again he disappeared
behind the copse.

The woman mentioned this to her husband who said he was probably a farmer or
gamekeeper setting traps, or performing some other country practice that would
be perfectly normal, and so not to worry.

However, after several more sightings of the young man with the spade over the next two weeks,
the woman persuaded her husband to take a stroll – early, before the man tended to arrive –
to the copse of trees to investigate what he was doing.

There they found a surprisingly long and deep trench, rough and uneven at one end,
becoming much neater and tidier towards the other end.

“How strange,” the old lady said, “Why dig a trench here…and in such difficult rocky ground?”
and her husband agreed.

Just then the young man appeared earlier than his usual time.

“You're early,” said the old woman, making light of their obvious curiosity,
“We wondered what you were doing and we also wondered what was in the case.”

“I'm digging a trench,” said the man who continued, realizing a bigger explanation was
appropriate. “I'm actually learning how to dig a good trench because
the job I'm being interviewed for later today says that experience is essential,
so I'm getting the experience. And the case…it's got my lunch in it.”

He got the job.

My friend, what does this story tell you?
Why did the man get the job?
Is it due to his attitude and commitment?

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