What is Energy Healing?

What is energy healing? Do we need it and does it really work? All human beings are made up of energy. Most of us understand energy in terms of the capacity to do work or (as in so often the case in the western world today) the lack thereof!

But energy forms a part of everything around us. Plants, animals, air and water – energy drives them all, but what if this energy becomes unbalanced? In short the system stops functioning properly resulting in ill-health within the organisms or systems that need energy to survive and thrive. Energy healing can help keep these systems in balance by healing the whole person.

When we have enough of the right kind of energy our lives feel better and we are more able to do what needs doing for the good of ourselves and those around us. Most of us are keenly aware of the times when our energy seems heavy and unresponsive and it is at these times that we can make use of energy healing to restore balance.

Orthodox medicine has in many ways caused us to lose touch with the importance of our own energy. There is a tendency to lean toward the alleviation of symptoms rather than addressing the root causes of our illness and disease. The theory goes that human beings experience illness because there is some aspect of their inner world that is being ignored. Energy healing gets right to the heart of those issues.

This means that change is important and necessary to restore the balance so that they might feel better and be healed holistically. To do this we need to look at not only the physical body but also the emotional and mental parts of ourselves. Healing the body without healing the ‘whole person’ will only result in a temporary cure and the problem is likely to recur. So energy healing seeks to heal a person’s ‘chi’ or life force – the energy channels within the body that keep our bodies and minds healthy.

When a person experiences trauma – whether emotionally or physically, the normal, healthy flow of energy within the body becomes disrupted and might lead to ill health in one or more of the body’s systems. The more serious the illness the more attention we need to pay to its underlying cause. It is where other methods might have failed that energy healing comes into its own.

Practitioners of energy healing like reiki, aura balancing, faith healing and kinesiology believe that it is possible to unblock energy channels and in so doing move it around the body into a more balanced state. This energy channeling helps the body to heal itself.

Energy ‘medicine’ and energy healing makes use of several different modalities to heal the whole body for example the use of herbs or crystals to change the body’s energy vibration.

But does energy healing really work? The practice of healing the energy centers in the body has many critics, many of whom are from the scientific and medical community. Skepticism, however, does not necessarily make a practice invalid or nonsensical and neither does and apparent lack of evidence to support many energetic systems of healing.

Most practitioners who are involved in the field of energy healing are satisfied by their own belief in the system and the anecdotal evidence from the many people who have been helped by energy healing modalities. To energy healers seeing is not, necessarily, believing and they choose, instead, to concentrate on what their patients say about the treatment they are receiving.

The one thing these two camps do agree on however is that everything is made up of energy. This is scientifically proven. This means that even solid objects like a table or chair are really made up of vibrating molecules. So energy healing might not be as far-fetched as you might think.

Of course to explore the concept of energy healing on a wider scale will require a paradigm shift to a completely different view of modern methods of healing to a more ancient (if scientific) approach.

Today more and more branches of energy healing are being developed to complement the ones that already exist. Healing therapies are as diverse as the people who practice them. There are energy healing systems which have been created by people with a conventional medicine background and those which have very little basis in either science or medicine (at least on the surface). This means that a person in need of healing can choose from a wide range of therapies.

Many techniques involve the use of the hands in healing. These are probably the most readily recognized and accepted. Reiki, Longetivology, Qigong, Quantum Touch etc are commonly practiced energy healing therapy that uses the practitioners openness to healing energy, connection with the ‘universal mind’ and in so doing make the action of touching the body more powerful. Certain energy healing therapies can also be conducted even if the person is not physically with the energy healer. This healing is termed “distant healing”

Energy healing makes use of ‘universal life energy’ to heal the body and mind. This means that healing increases the flow and amount of energy available to the body. This is probably a rather simplistic explanation as energy healing is far more complex and involves the interaction of the person being treated.

Whether you accept the idea of energy healing or not, one thing is certain – some sort of healing is vital in today’s world and one that is free from harm and side effects can’t really be a bad thing. So why not sign up for a session or two and decide for yourself? You might be pleasantly surprised. My wish for you is one of healing and peace.

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