You are Unique!

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I came across this and believe that you may have read this before as well –
No one can make you feel inferior without your consent“.

You have to agree that you are less and that someone else is more to feel inferior. If you don't agree, you cannot possibly feel inferior.
You might know something less, or you might be able to do something less, but you ARE unique and hence simply incomparable. Do not buy into being reduced to an object of comparison.

The next time you face certain words or actions being thrown at you, you can say this :”No matter what you say or do to me, I'm still a worthwhile person.”. Be the confident self that you are meant to be.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Do remember that you are unique and have your own strength. Build on your strength, use it well to serve the right purpose.
There is a reason why you are in this world, so make the most of it!

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