I wish you great health

Has it ever crossed your mind if you have taken good care of your health? What have you been doing to keep yourself in good health? How are you different from those who ignore or take their health for granted? Recently, one of my friend confided in me that he is suffering from an auto-immune disease. His eyes are [...]

Believe in yourself

    Would you want to live the life that you want? Do you want the best for your loved ones? Do you choose to be happy, no matter what is happening in your life? The above are questions that may go deep into each and everyone of us, perhaps evoking emotions and much thought from us. It seems that [...]

The 6 Human Psychological Needs

Sometimes, we do and say things that don’t make sense to others. This is because as humans, our choices and behaviours are almost always driven by the need to meet one or more of our 6 Human Psychological Needs. Although not immediately obvious to others, through our actions, we are simply trying to get our [...]